AEE Europe 2022 - Engineering the Future of Energy in Europe

Day 1 (26th Oct) - Morning Plenary Session

Conference Room 1

Session Chairperson:  Rayan Abdelrahman - Energy Projects Engineer - Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence (AMTCE)

8:45am - 10:00am

  • sq-bill-circle

    Bill Kent

    Executive Director
    AEE Centre

  • conor

    Conor Molloy

    Chapter President
    AEE Ireland

  • Hicham Lahmidi

    Hicham Lahmidi

    Chapter President
    AEE France

  • Mark Gallagher (Square)

    Mark Gallagher

    Performance Insights
    Formula 1

WELCOME & OPENING - Engineering the Future of Energy in Europe


Energy in Europe

FORMULA 1 continues its drive to hit Net Zero Carbon emissions target by 2030....

Conference Room 1

Trends in Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

10:00am - 11:20am

Session Chairperson:  TBA

  • 1517474624274

    Xiang Cheng

    Energy Manager
    University of Cambridge

  • 1610644463510

    Conor Molloy

    Independent Energy Management Advisor
    AEMS ECOfleet

  • 1549386450611

    Paul Boylan

    Technical Director 
    Vivid Edge Group

Conference Room 2

 Renewable Energy & Energy Storage

10:00am - 11:20am

Session Chairperson:  Andres Ortuno - Global Director - Soltec

  • giovanni

    Giovanni Lupaldi

    Watts-ON Consultants

  • Stephen-Roosa-14-683x1024.jpgcropped

    Stephen Roosa


  • 1543403215424

    John Smyth

    Mechanical Design Engineer

  • MDavid_22-843x1024

    David Markovics

    Energy Engineer

Refreshments & Networking Break

Conference Room 1

Meeting the Challenges of the Clean Energy Future

11:50am - 1:20pm

Session Chairperson:  Larry Good - Association of Energy Engineers

  • Joe (1)

    Joe Hayden

    Executive Engineer

  • Hicham Lahmidi

    Hicham Lahmidi

    AEE Regional Vice President Western Europe
    Association of Energy Engineers

  • 1516519848468

    Dolf Van Hatten

    Technical Manager
    VH Technology S.r.l.

Conference Room 2

 The Future of Gas and the Emergence of Hydrogen

11:50am - 1:20pm

Session Chairperson:  Javier Cervera – Head of Energy transition in Baleària

  • 1635256896846

    Luis Sacristán

    Director of Sales

  • Ali_Pic_2022 (2).jpgcropped

    Ali Ekhtiari

    Gas Networks Ireland

  • 1585769536699

    Aruna Chandrasekar

    Chemical Engineer
    EPRI (Europe)

Lunch & Networking Break

Conference Room 1

Reliability & Resilience as we Transition to Clean Energy Future

2:20pm - 3:40pm

Session Chairperson:  Oleksandr Ovdiienko - AEE Vise President Former Soviet Union

  • andy gibbson

    Andy Gibson

    Energy & Utilities Specialist

  • Derek Mullins Amgen Energy

    Derek Mullins

    Senior Manager

  • Mark Coyne photo Oct 22

    Mark Coyne

    Global Sustainability Lead
    Kerry Group

  • AEE

    Mark Smith

    Dunnes Stores

Conference Room 2

Structured Energy and Resources Management

2:20pm - 3:40pm

Session Chairperson:  Sarah Kent – Director of Sustainability - CGBC

  • 1596700148977

    Garry Cornell

    Head of Environment and Sustainability
    Yondr Group

  • 1546505521547

    Peter Moran

    Sustainability Program Manager

  • 1517730973273

    Kevin Geoghegan

    Energy Management

  • 1516320658653

    Liam McLaughlin


Summary of Day & Meet the Speaker Reception