Though best known as Ireland's premier venue, the mission of the RDS is to see Ireland thrive culturally and economically. It has been our mission since the foundation of the Society in 1731. Through generations the RDS has made a vital contribution to the cultural and economic well-being of Ireland. And we still do today.

Our founding mission lives on through the significant impact of our Foundation Programme. We work in areas that we have been involved in for nearly 290 years: agriculture, the arts, enterprise, equestrianism, science & technology.

The RDS began exhibitions over 150 years ago as a means to share ideas, encourage best practice and showcase Irish excellence in these areas. The RDS created our Ballsbridge venue for these exhibitions, such as the Spring Show and the Dublin Horse Show. Today that venue is what we are known for, far and wide. It is also the primary way in which we fund our charitable objectives.

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